Mental Organization

As I mentioned in a previous post I am anxious to get my scrapbooking supplies and product inventory all organized into my new basement workshop. Alas, it is STILL not ready, although our contractor is aiming to be done in just two more weeks. SO…since I can’t organize my physical space, I have been organizing my head space! I have just spent the day catching up on business details, and have just finished the first newsletter I will send to my customer base since early in the fall (due to my health related leave of absence). I have scheduled some scrapbooking workshops and an all day crop for my customers to look forward to and am ready to ramp up my business once again.

I have also been “creating” some storage in preparation of my new space…I was truly inspired by the fabulous book I was talking about before – The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker – and I covered a bunch of cardboard magazine holders and clear front binders with lovely leftover scrapbook papers (as seen in the pictures of co-authors Aby Garvey’s office). I am also updating an old Rolodex with the same papers. I saw this done by Leah Fung on her blog as one of her project kits. It is so cute and so useful! I will post a picture of the items once I have the set complete.

And, I am really excited about my first foray into Digital scrapbooking. I am still learning the various software applications, but am pleased with how it all comes together so neatly…no tools and papers and stickers spread out all over my dining room table! I hope to post one or two layouts in the next week or so after I am figure out what I am doing!

Hope your week is going well…have a good one and make time to scrap!

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