Well…38 weeks and counting! Hopefully baby will decide to make his appearance in the next little while…I don’t want to think about waiting up to four more weeks!!! Everything is good, but I am so uncomfortable at this stage! We had somematernity photos taken earlier this week, so I will post my belly shots for all to see when I get them back!!!

Anyway…we are busy getting ready for this baby- all the newborn clothes have been washed and folded; the blankets, washcloths, towels and bassinet sheets are ready to go, and a stock of newborn diapers has been laid in! We are ready. I think. Although…since we are still undergoing renovations and reorganization, baby’s room isn’t truly ready yet. But that’s OK…he will bunk in with us in his cozy bassinet for the first few months since it is so much easier to do night feedings that way. That will give us a chance to first get Grayson’s big boy room ready, and then paint and move the baby furniture into the nursery. No rush…baby ain’t going anywhere!!!
Unfortunately in the midst of all the fun and exciting baby stuff, we have also been dealing with some sad events in my family. My dear mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease back in January 2007. She had been pretty stable until about 2 months ago, but since then her decline has been very rapid. Her doctor and my dad finally decided it was time to hospitalize her last week as she did not recognize dad anymore and she was becoming very angry and and agitated easily. She was also beginning to wander away from their home and had a bad fall outside on Mother’s Day, so her safety was bcoming a real concern. Right now she is in the Foothills Hospital awaiting the first available bed in a care facility. We always knew she would eventually need full time care, but we didn’t think it would come so fast, or be so difficult a process to go through. It is heartbreaking to see her so confused and not recognizing the people she loves. We can only hope that the facility she gets into is homey and friendly and makes her feel safe and comfortable.

Here is one of my favourite pictures of mom and I taken last September by our good friend, photographer Tracy McLeod:

I seem to be having some problems posting images (this photo took 25minutes to upload!) so I will try later tonight to post some layouts. (I will have to get my techno-geek hubbie to help me when he gets home!)
Happy scrapping,
PS…I also have been reading Stacy Julian’s latest book Photo Freedom which was on my wish list, so I’ll have to share with you some of the great tips and tricks she passes on to help all us scrapbookers get over our guilt about not ever being “caught up” in our albums. Oh, and I added her blog site to my sidebar list…check it often! I love that gal! 🙂

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