Two websites and a blog

I just wanted to quickly share with you a few places to visit on the web that I love!

1) First up…BIG PICTURE SCRAPBOOKING! If you like Simple Scrapbooks magazine (who doesn’t???!!!) and Stacy Julian, then you may already know about this great learning resource. Stacy founded this site as a sort of online classroom where scrappers can come and take courses on various aspects of creativity and scrapbooking. There are ever changing workshops, projects and classes being offered, some of which are FREE! I encourage you to have a look and download some of the free offerings – they are truly inspiring!

2) Another awesome online learning site…FISKARS TV! I love Fiskars tools, but I had no idea that they had a site with great how-to video episodes! I watched about 10 tonight and there are lots more I am going back for! They feature big names in scrapbooking – like Stacy Julian, Wendy Smedley and Leah Fung – sharing project ideas and demonstrating how to use Fiskars tools. And after each new episode there is a giveaway of Fiskars products that is to die for! Love it!

3) It’s silly, I know, but I am pretty excited about actually being featured on someone elses blog! I had emailed LECIA FORREST a week or so ago because I read on her blog that she had taken the same beginners digital scrapbooking class that I did back in April during Scrapbooker’s Paradise “Camp Croppin”! So I dropped her a note to agree with her and I included my first digital layout from the class (see my blog post from April 14). Well, wasn’t I surprised to see her feature my layout on her blog today! Back in January when I started this blog I talked about becoming part of the scrapbooking community and sharing my work and ideas, and it is so exciting to actually have that starting to happen! I think I might start posting and commenting in a few more places so I can continue to SHARE! It’s addictive!

I love scrapbooking and I love scrapbookers who also want to share and build community!

Happy Scrapping…

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