He has arrived! We are so excited to finally have our much awaited little guy at home! Well…actually he has been at home a whole week now, but I haven’t been able to post. Here’s the scoop…

I went into labour around 3:00/4:00 in the morning on Thursday June 12th (right on my due date – imagine that!!!) We called my dad to come and stay at the house with Grayson and we headed to the hospital around 6:30 am. My contractions were about 5 minutes apart. My water hadn’t broken, but I was 3 centimetres dilated. Labour progressed quickly and was very good…no epidural or drugs needed. I had a lot of back labour, as Sam was positioned sideways and his shoulder was caught under the pubic bone. The nurses were great at applying pressure to my back and hips (perhaps some of the cause of my present back pains now???) and Shane was so supportive and kept letting me know the timing of each contraction…I found I was able to get through each one if I knew how long I had to go.

Sam was born at 11:00 am, and was quite bruised from being turned and jostled on his way out, but all in all he was fantastic! He wanted to start feeding pretty much right away, and had fed twice before we left the delivery room. I had a sandwich and a shower and by the time we were admitted to a regular room, I was ready to go home! The doc’s checked us out a few hours later, and we were discharged at 6:00 pm, and spent our first night at home in peace. How lucky we were, eh?

I felt great, and everything was going so well. Then late Friday night I started to feel my back seize up. I took some Tylenol and went to bed, but the next time I woke up to feed Sam I couldn’t get out of bed…I was literally stuck! Shane had to help me up and since then I have been pretty much in the same boat…extremely limited mobility and more pain than I had during labour it seems! Finally I called a friend and former neighbour, Tonya Schmolke whose husband Michael is a chiropractor. So I made an appointment and went to see him at his clinic. He ran a complete series of tests and was able to determine that my sacrum was locked and my hips had become out of alignment. So, I have had two adjustments and am feeling somewhat better, but I have a long way to go to regain my former mobility…I have to re-develop a lot of muscles and will need to correct my “J-Lo” swayback posterior among other things!!!
Shane has been great at taking care of all of us, and Grayson SEEMS to like his new baby brother a lot – he kisses him and comes over to make faces at him when Sam is awake. Very cute! Sam is doing so well, eating like a fiend and sleeping very well…3 to 5 hours at this point, so we can’t complain!

So that’s our story! Thanks for all your calls and emails of care and concern, and I’m sorry if I didn’t get back to you – I literally couldn’t get to the phone or computer! And now I better get off the computer because I have my orders not to sit too long! (Thanks Dr. Schmolke!!!)

Before I go, here are some a few pics:

Sam, just minutes old. Quite bruised and blue
Shane, Sam and I in the delivery room

Resting in our bed just before being discharged to go home
I will definitely post more pics soon.

Happy Scrapping! (Hmmmm….I wonder if I can raise my scrapping table so I can scrapbook standing up!!!!)


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