Sleep, blessed sleep

We seem to be on the upswing around here! Sam has slept 7 hours through the night now for three nights in a row! I actually feel a bit more alive again, not just “functioning”!

From my previous posts you know that Sam had been very “colicy” and was having some unusual colored…ahem…poops. So Shane did a bit of online research and we figured out that I was having an issue with and oversupply of breast milk, or more accurately foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. When Sam would eat he would be bombarded with the sheer amount of milk (which is why feedings were so stressful for him and me) and then he would fill up on the foremilk (like skim milk) because there was so much. He never got to the fattier hindmilk. This caused 2 problems – because there is so much lactose in the foremilk, he would get painfully gassy (what we thought to be colic) AND he would never be satisfied…he would be hungry for more in 1.5 to 2 hours. Then I would compound the problem by feeding him on the opposite side where he would get MORE foremilk again!

We found the info on the La Leche League website, and the solution was pretty simple…feed on the same side until the breast is completely empty…that way he is sure to get the satisfying rich hindmilk. Voila…we are now at 3 hours between feedings during the day, Sam is WAY less fussy and he has slept 7 hours (11:00 pm – 6:00 am) 3 nights in a row! WOW! Do I feel great or what! I think we are on course for a decent, liveable schedule that will make all of us feel a lot better! Hopefully I’ll be able to cook and clean my house and maybe even be able to do a little scrapbooking!

How could someone so cute cause so many little problems,eh? It looks like he’s sticking his tongue out at me…heaven help me when he gets older!!!

Sammy clearly already adores his big brother!

Our back yard is 75% complete as well…the patio stones are down and the fence posts are up and our landscaper thinks they will be done by midweek! It will be great to be able to sit outside, BBQ and have a place for G. to play again. It has been hot here (31 degrees celsius) and would be nice to be outside where at least there is a breeze, but we’ll look ahead to next weekend for our inaugural backyard BBQ party!

We did get down to the Bow River today though…Sam slept in his stroller and Grayson “rode” his Big Wheel bike as much as he could. Hot, but fun to be out and about.

I did make a slide show of some of my favoritre layouts, but I haven’t figured out how to add it to my blog’s sidebar yet! Watch for it soon.

AND…my new business website is finally live! I am still writing pages as fast as I can, but it IS up and growing everyday! Visit it at

I would love to hear your comments about the quality of info, what other topics you might like to see posted and general stuff like that. The plan is for it to become an online scrapbooking reference centre with tutorials, how-to articles, product reviews and eventually project and page kits for sale. But that is a ways off yet! Anyway, drop me a comment via my site and I will get back to you!

Happy Scrapping!

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