More “30 Days” pages

My 30 Days Hath September Album for my BPS class continues!

I am: 1) feeling proud of myself for keeping up with one layout per day 2) loving how I feel throughout the day – more aware, more present, more engaged with everything that is happening! Even though my days are ordinary and some would say boring, I am noticing little moments of of charm, happiness and clarity in them since I started working on this album. I am getting to know myself again as I contemplate what I am doing and why. I find myself asking myself why I am doing something or why I am feeling the way I am (whoa…that was a very “Austin Powers Spy Who Shagged Me” type of sentence!!!!)

Anyway…loving how quickly the layouts are done and really enjoying doing all the writing – visual journal style!

Here are the September 3 and 4 pages, photographed side by side.

And September 5 and 6:

I have also found that I am working on other layouts while or after I finish these fun little snippets. Getting lots done these days!

PS…I had to swing by Scrapbookers Paradise today…they are having a 4/$1 paper sale until September 20! GO GO GO!!!

Happy Scrapping,


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