A birthday present for myself

Some things are serendipitous. I have just finished the Have More Fun class over at BPS with the magical Stacy Julian. She wrapped it up by issuing a challenge to us and to all her blogging friends. Here’s what she said:

“You have everything you need right now to be vibrant, happy and fully engaged in the creative process of life. Sometimes you just have to slow down, look around and realize it! Here’s what I want you to do …• Snap ten or twelve photos of your life right now. Or find recent photos that you’ve already taken.• Compile these photos in one of these super-cute Bazzill Mono-Mini albums• Keep or carry this album with you, tucked in your purse or desk drawer for one full year.• Promise to glance through the album every time you stumble upon it or pull it out. • On October 1st, 2009, create a scrapbook page about your experience.” See her post, her album and a list of all her friends who took up the challenge on her blog.

So, with today being my 41st birthday, I thought it would be great idea to create the mini-album to capture my life now and then be able to compare it to what things are like in one year. In fact, I think this might be the beginning of a new tradition…creating a birthday layout or project each year. You could say this would be a birthday present for myself!

So I made my sweet little album to keep in my purse using some cute pink embellies and cardstock. BUT…I have been trying to post the photos and I still can’t do it. I think I will have to create a slide show and post it that way. Anyway…I WILL somehow post and share it. (PS I am still trying to post the rest of my “30 Days Hath September” album layouts as well!!!)

As another birthday comes to a close, I think of all the things I am blessed with in my life – Shane, my boys, my extended family, good friends, the basics – home, food and clothing- of course love, laughter and happiness. Those are the best birthday presents of all.

Happy scrapping,


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