Presents galore

Two words: Spoiled. Rotten.

What a Christmas we had! Grayson, Sam and Shane all got lots of gifts, but I was the one who really got spoiled this year! I was just like a kid yesterday when I opened my gifts:

* A new iPhone…technically I already had one but it was for Shane’s work so I couldn’t really personalize it or download the apps I wanted. Now I have one that’s mine all mine! Joy!

* Bind-It-All personal binding machine. If you haven’t seen this fabulous tool, take a look here. I will be making mega mini-albums starting today! Fun!

* “Sublime Goddess” spa gift certificate. No explanation needed! Bliss!

* External Hard drive with additional server backup. That’s back up x three people! OK it’s not very romantic or exciting, but very much needed. My precious pics will be safe!

* PJ’s…pink flannel goodness!

* Victoria’s Secret Assorted creams and potions and lotions. Sexy!

* A whole lo-tta choc-o-lat-a! Delish!

* Gift certificates to shop. Again, no explanation required. Now I just need a babysitter.

WOW! Now, so you don’t think that I am overly materialistic, I have to tell you that I just wasn’t expecting any of these gifts. I was so focused on getting everyone else’s presents purchased and getting the house and food ready that I didn’t think about what I wanted. I had thrown out a few ideas when asked, but didn’t give it a second thought, so I was very happily surprised!

We had a lovely Christmas breakfast (I made Wifesaver and Schwartzies potatoes – yum!) after opening all the gifts and then got ready for the big feast with all the family over. It was really great to have mom here, and she did so well. She may not have recognized everyone or participated in the conversations, but she enjoyed herself, ate a fair amount and seemed to have a good time.

Today is Boxing Day in Canada, and while many are out shopping the great deals, our tradition is to have a very lazy day, stay in our PJ’s, play with all our new toys and eat turkey sandwiches (with cranberry sauce and havarti cheese – trust me – seriously yummy!) It’s a very relaxing day after all the Christmas busy-ness.

Tomorrow night we are going to ZooLights at the Calgary Zoo…another tradition we love. I like the fact that we get to enjoy many different things over the holiday SEASON, not just on Christmas day!

Enjoy your holiday!

Happy Scrapping,


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