Blogosphere Blues

The blogosphere can be a cruel place indeed.

Don’t get me wrong…I love writing my blog and reading blogs by others. There is a real camaraderie out there in blog-land. But sometimes it just seems a little unreal.

Last night after finally getting Sammy fed and to sleep I was using my precious free time to do some surfing – looking for organizational ideas. I started clicking links to blogs I had never visited before and magically I wound up in a land of mommy bloggers who seem to have PERFECT lives. Wow – they have, do and know it all. They all live in perfect houses and have perfect husbands and children. They give advice on how to have perfect lives as well. It all became a little overwhelming. Is anybody’s life THAT perfect? I know mine isn’t.

Normally I don’t spend a lot of time comparing myself to others and their situations, but on a couple of occasions lately I have found myself doubting whether I am really doing a good job as a wife and mom. Consider…

  • My house is a mess…so far from perfect it is laughable. We seem to exist in a state of CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome).
  • My meal planning and cooking skills of old have dwindled to choosing from amongst the pre-made entrees in the freezer. (And which frozen vegetable would you like with that, honey?)
  • My once meticulously cared for wardrobe now consists of tee-shirts and flannel PJ pants or spit-up stained sweats, none of which fit or are flattering.
  • My vision of going to visit my mom in her care facility regularly once or twice a week has yet to be realized.
  • My attempts at doing organizing projects are thwarted by a 6.5 month old tyrant who demands to eat every two hours. (He’s pretty cute though, so that’s ok!)
  • My soon-to-be four year old is actually saying NO to me when I ask him to do something, and I don’t know what to do about it. You would never know that I was once a Vice-Principal used to disciplining kids for all sorts of things.


I guess it’s easy to get a little down when you haven’t showered and are still in your pajamas at 2 in the afternoon and you imagine that everyone else is “out there” living fabulous and “perfect” lives. And when everyone in your family is sick (including you) and you can’t get outside because of two feet of snow and negative temperatures, it all just seems YUCKY!

I know it isn’t the truth and that I am very lucky to be at home with our boys. SO…I’ll go comb my unwashed hair and have another cup of tea and play with Grayson for the 15 precious minutes left before Sammy needs to be fed (AGAIN!). And I will count my lucky stars and be thankful for my many blessings.

Happy Scrapping!

Note: After I wrote this post I went downstairs to find Grayson and see what he was doing. I got a great shot of him standing on his toychest, moving all the Thomas wall decorations around in his very messy playroom (remember – CHAOS!) It ended up being my Project 365 pic for today!

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