Muffin Tin Mama

I absolutely felt like the worlds best mama today, all because of a muffin-tin!

OK…let me back up…

One non-scrapbooking blog I really like to check out every once in a while is Let’s Explore – it has lots of fun ideas for pre-schoolers and is written by a former teacher, like me! As I was browsing around, I came across a post about serving meals in a muffin tin. Intrigued, I followed some of the links in the post. Lo and behold there was a whole bunch of muffin tin mamas giving their kids fun meals served up in the wells of muffin tins! Cool!

So I jumped on the blog-wagon and served Grayson his lunch today in an old (rarely used!) muffin tin!

Banana muffin, ham cubes, goldfish, grapes, cheese cubes and raspberries. And to make it even better, I gave him a pair of springy chopsticks I got at the dollar store a while back.

He looked at it.
He tested the springy chopsticks.
He dived in.

Grayson is not necessarily a picky eater, but most times he can’t be bothered to sit still long enough to eat. So capturing his attention and allowing him to have fun eating really made a difference. Except for a few goldfish he ate it all…which is really unusual! Needless to say I will be serving up some meals in muffin-tins more often!

I also got a little more organizing done today which is great. I started in on the playroom – organizing craft supplies so we can get creative a little more easily and a little more often! I also dug out the baby toys for Sammy and separated a few of G.’s big toys to put away in storage (I’ll rotate them in a few weeks).

We got two nice things in the mail today… the Family Highlights storybook I wrote about on January 1 came today from Creative Memories and we had fun looking through the hard copy. We also received the much needed but not very exciting Wireless Sensor Bar for our Wii. Apparently we need it in order to play because of the projection TV/screen. We have had the Wii since before Christmas but haven’t been able to play with it! I’m guessing we’ll be very busy this coming “wii”kend!

Two design calls caught my eye…one fo my favorites – Sisterhood of Scrap and a new paper company called Marks. I think I’ll try for both and see what happens! Keep you posted!

Happy Scrapping!

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