Project 365

As well as doing my Year of Memories Calendar/Album Project, I decided to join thousands of others and do Project 365. The project is basically to take a photo or document something EVERY day and slip it into a great binder/album using the kit designed by Becky Higgins. I was even able to buy one of the kits, which apparently is no small feat. I look forward to receiving it and starting to slip my photos into it. I will be taking a photo a day and posting it on my Flickr album…you can see them by clicking on the Project 365 icon on the sidebar.

One of the things I love about blogging is the stuff I have learned – about websites, e-commerce, online traffic, HTML, Javascript, available resources etc. Plus, it has opened so many doors into an online commuity I never knew existed! I have made many new cyber friends in the world of online scrapbooking and I have really enjoyed it. I never feel isolated when I am at home with the kids – I have a bunch of friends just a few clicks away!

This past year started partly as a way of making scrapbooking a more viable source of income in my life, but it has become a journey of personal learning and enjoyment as well!

Happy scrapping!

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