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We are all suffering with some kind of winter sickness around here…Shane and Grayson have sore throats, I still am suffering from sinus pain and congestion and poor Sammy has pink eye! We went off to the doctor to check everyone out, but apart from Sam’s anitbiotic eye ointment, there isn’t any medicine that can help us. Sigh…

Sam actually had another doctor’s visit at the Head Shape Clinic at the Alberta Children’s Hospital to have a flat spot on his head checked. After an assessment, it looks as though he will benefit from wearing a corrective band/helmet for a few months to help his positional plagiocephaly. The before and after pictures of children who have had the treatment are quite remarkable. We also were assured that the band/helmet seems to worry the parents more than the child, and is not painful or uncomfortable. Sam’s is not as severe as many cases are and we are hopeful that it will improve after the band is worn. Still…I feel bad for poor Sammy and even moreso, I feel guilty that perhaps he didn’t get enough tummy time or something and this could have been prevented if I had done something differently. Mother’s guilt, eh?

I haven’t done a lot of scrapbooking in the past few days, but I am enjoying keeping up with my Project 365 photos and posts each day. It makes you look at life a little differently! And as it becomes a habit it becomes very gratifying to know you are recording just a little snippet of daily life for your family to look back on.

Happy Scrapping!

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