Birthday Aftermath

The party has come and gone, as all good things do. But what a time Grayson had.

From the start Grayson had wanted a Lightning McQueen theme for his fourth birthday party…decorations, games, and of course a cake. It was a pretty homemade affair really. We decided it would be at home with just a few friends. I made and sent out the photocard invitations and he was thrilled that his buddies all were able to come.

When they arrived they all played together in his playroom for a bit while we got lunch ready (pizza, munchy mix, veggie and fruit tray).
After lunch we played some organized games (pin the number on Lightning McQueen) and did a craft (foam animal stickers and letters…thank goodness for those foamy craft kits).
Then it was time for the cake.



It really was a lovely looking cake with a Lightning McQueen car driving down a road, with black and red checkers along the side.
Well, as soon as the first piece was cut we realized how red the red icing really was and how quickly it could stain whatever touched it. Of course Grayson promptly leaned into it as he blew out the candle and got it all over his sweater.
It looked like a blood bath afterwards…at one point I thought one of the kids had cut their head open, but it was only the icing. Add some smooshes of gray and black icing (on kids, shirts and plates) and it was one gory sight. But, it tasted great and the kids loved it.
Present opening and loot bag distribution wrapped up the affair and everyone headed home for a restful afternoon.
Our family stayed around to visit and Grayson tried out some of his new toys, which included a scooter complete with helmet, knee pads etc. which he loved. And then he crashed hard…while still fully geared up.

But later when I was tucking him in for the night, he said to me sleepily, “I sure loved my party mommy”. And that made it all worthwhile.

I’m so looking forward to scrapping these pics and stories…will post as I finish them up.
Happy scrapping!

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