Friday Thoughts and Hearts A-Plenty

I often get to the end of the week before I get to the end of the to-do list! this seems to be one of those weeks. I had wanted to:

  • go to Ikea to buy a bookshelf, wall shelf and kitchen rail system to finish organizing my scrap space
  • get a start on taxes
  • alter my clipboard and sort my digital photos before LOM started
  • bake some banana bread (the bananas are WAY past redemption now)
  • revamp my website (yes, it needs it and I haven’t posted anything to if in a while)
  • clean my bathrooms

None of these things got done. I am always amazed at how busy my days are being a SAHM yet, how little I actually get done. But, some things we DID get done this week were:

  • cleaned up and organized toys, clothes and party supplies after the birthday party
  • took Sam to the ABCH for a check on his StarBand and a growth adjustment
  • got some portraits and passport photos taken of the boys
  • took mom out for lunch and a visit
  • started Library of Memories class at BPS and all the photo organization that goes with it
  • got to meet my good friend Wendy for a mid-afernoon coffee
  • about 12 loads of laundry
  • got valentine treat bags, cards and tags made

Not too bad after all. Sigh…there is always next week to try again!

But there is a long weekend ahead and I am looking forward to heading out for supper for Valentines Day and doing something fun on Monday, which is the Family Day holiday here in Alberta.

Speaking of hearts and Valentines Day I thought I would share some heart ideas…

Here are the Valentine treat bags and heart tags we made for Grayson’s dayhome friends. First I punched out several double tags with my CM Tag Maker. I placed the folded edge of the pink paper just inside the cutting edge of the punch so I would get a folded, “double” tag.

Then I punched several hearts using CM’s new Sweet Heart Maker. The nice thing is you get two hearts with one punch…the lacy, large outer heart and the funky, smaller, solid heart. I adhered them onto the outside of the tags/cards with a little liquid adhesive.

Then I used a cute Valentine stamp from Kolette Hall (Michael’s) on the inside and wrote our little message.

Then we popped all the treats into little heart bags we found at the dollar store and tied on our tags. Cute, easy, cheap.

Next up – I love these Little Debbie “Be My Valentine” cakes. They look like fancy little petit four cakes eh? But they are in the snack cake aisle along with the Twinkies! Shhh…dont’ tell anyone and they’ll think you are a baking genius.

And finally, have a look at these adorable little heart paper clips.

They are regular clips, but it’s all in the way you bend them. Check out how to make them here. Brilliant!

Hope that gives you a few heartfelt ideas just in time for V-Day! Hope you have a great one!

Happy Scrapping,


1 thought on “Friday Thoughts and Hearts A-Plenty”

  1. I had to come check out your blog!! Especially after you got me started on mine today. We'll see how it goes. I'm sure it will be a journey. Thanks again!!!

    I love the to-do lists. I have almost given up on mine since the first of the year. I was doing pretty good when I was home with my son, but then Jan. 5th I went back full time when he was 4 months old. I have no time for anything. Aggghhh I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.

    "See" you in class!!

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