Off the Wagon

I have a confession to make…I fell off the wagon.

The Project 365 Wagon that is. Back in January I joined 1000’s of scrappers who are trying to document the everyday extraordinary in their lives on a daily basis by taking at least one photo per day. I tried my best and was getting along very well, but then I missed three days this past week. Why? I don’t know what it was – my camera wasn’t easily accessible? I was too busy? Too tired? Perhaps…but I think it boils down to lack of motivation since I STILL haven’t got my Project 365 kit from CK media. I think if I had it in my hot little hands I would be getting my weekly layouts done and having it at the forefront of my mind. But I don’t, and it’s not, and I am a little disappointed.

BUT…I will sally forth. I dug the camera out of my bag and made sure I got a couple of shots today. And for the days I missed I am going to use the portraits that were taken recently of each of the boys. I caught up on my journaling, so I am good to go again. And I am re-pledging to get back on the daily photo wagon!

I have also been busy with the Library of Memories class over at BPS. It has been a lot harder than I imagined. I have managed to sort through printed photos from 1984 to 2009 and am now in the process of getting the past five years worth into easily accessible storage albums.

The next step will be to triage them into category drawers which I think will be the key to making some connections and creating some meaningful layouts. That is upcoming in LOM…for now, we sort! (Digital photos are next!)

During this process I have also done some physical organizing around my scrap space…my new photo storage albums have a new home on the bottom of my reference shelves –

– and a new bookcase purchase from IKEA now holds all my Library of Memories scrapbook albums as well as bins full of my manufacturers page kits, my photo printer, Cricut, Cuttlebug and accessories.

I have some new cube storage pieces as well…a four drawer cube for my category drawers and a three drawer cube for enlargements and memorabilia. I think the system will work well. My scrap space still won’t look like some cool designer room, but I love the fact that it is in the midst of our family’s space where the boys can play, we can watch a movie, or just be in the space and enjoy it together.

Happy Scrapping!

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