Why, Why, Why???

This is typical of the type of conversations I have been having with Grayson lately…

G: What are you doing mommy? ( just as I am getting into what I was hoping would be a nice relaxing, quiet shower)
Me: Having a shower.
G: Why are you having a shower?
Me: Because I want to get nice and clean.
G: Why do you want to get nice and clean?
Me: Because I don’t want to be dirty.
G. Oh. (Pause) Why don’t you want to be dirty mommy?
Me: Well, I like to smell nice and look pretty.
G: Why do you like to smell pirty?
Me: Argggh!!!! No…I didn’t really say this…I just imagined saying it!

Seriously, though, how do you make a conversation like this end??? Grayson is in such a “why” period right now. I love him dearly but it tries my patience! I shouldn’t be surprised because I remember my dad telling me that I went through a period when I was young where I would ask “Why” to almost everything that was said too. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Oh well…

Hope you had a great Valentines Day. We just took it easy yesterday, but today was a busy day with my God-daughter’s birthday party and a family dinner at my aunt’s house. Tomorrow is the Family Day Holiday, so we are lucky to have yet another free weekend day ahead of us. I hope to get a lot of old photos sorted for my Library of Memories class and get them placed into some photo storage albums in preparation for the next step which is placing them into category drawers. I think it will be a great system for quickly finding photos from various years/seasons as well as identifying and scrapbooking photos that have more personal meaning.

I am also looking forward tomorrow to seeing a sneak peek at the new line of Creative Memories products which will be available March 1. I love new scrapping supplies…yummy!

Lastly, I got an email from the lovely Georgana Hall over at Adornit. They have just launched a new monthly kit program and she posted a tip I submitted on how to use your scrapbooking time effectively. Watch for a new kit every month and more tips from busy scrapbooking moms just like me and you.

Happy Scrapping!

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