Does organizing count as creativity?

Remember a few posts ago when I said I have a tendancy to put too many things on my plate? Well, my plate now overfloweth!

Oy…since pledging to do the Creativity Project I have had the best of intentions but I have so much (physical) stuff in the way. I have had to step back in order to move, sort, purge, build and containerize a lot of my stuff before I can actually create anything. I read Wendy Smedley and Aby Garvey’s book The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker last year, and THOUGHT I got everything organized, but it turns out it wasn’t the right system for me. So I re-read portions of the book and I think I am on to something now. Wendy, Aby and Stacy Julian all maintain you can only scrap in the way you are organized (which I thought was mostly in regards to photos and the Library of Memories system) and this really refers to the way all aspects of your scrapooking hobby are organized. I have realized a few things about myself and this hobby:

  • I like everything to be neat and tidy and away behind closed doors, but easily visible once I open the door/drawer.
  • I like things to be labelled.
  • I like things to match or blend.
  • I like drawers more than bins or boxes.
  • I think and create based on color.
  • I haven’t been able to make connections with my photos because of the way they were previously organized.
  • I like to have my tools etc. close at hand.
  • I need to clear my scrap table at the end of each session…otherwise I don’t know where I am at the next time I sit down.
  • I need good light.
  • I need a good chair.
  • I want to have my layouts and albums more accessible to family and friends.
  • I like to have my family around when I scrap rather than being alone.
  • I don’t like visual clutter.

So instead of creating I have been engaged in organizing. I hope that’s creative enough for this week! I have seen a few scrap spaces and places that have inspired me:

Monica’s “scrapcave” – I think she and I are the same person…I have the Ikea Kitchen ready to be mounted and the Making Memories tool caddy is always on my desk!

Robyn’s studio – I can’t believe she has got this all sorted out within a few days of moving! I LOVE the blackboard/cork board and want one just like it!

Leah’s space – fresh and lovely, just like her!

Shannon’s scrap room
– a fun little video with great storage ideas.

Candice’s small space – I love the black, white and red color scheme and here is where I first saw the idea of using the IKEA kitchen rails.

Paula’s office and scrap room – great 6 part, detailed post with lots of photos.

I will have to take and post some photos of MY scrap space as soon as it is re-done (I think I have promised this before? Hmmm….have to do something about that!!!)

Anyway, I have made enormous progress with my photos – printed and digital – for LOM. I think I am close to being able to pull photos and put them into my category drawers…something I am so excited about because I think this will be a key to scrapping much more authentic and meaningful layouts. I still need to send a few hundred digital photos to be printed and then pop them into my storage albums, but I am getting there!

Here’s hoping the creating will actually start soon!

Happy Scrapping!

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