Let's Create!

OK…I know that sometimes I add too much to my plate, and Shane jokes that I am such a “joiner”! But when I found out about this project I knew that it was something I needed to do, because this project has the potential to create way more energy than it might take. Let me explain…

Lisa Day is a great scrapbooker, teacher and writer, and she has been published and on many design teams. She had been feeling scrapbooker’s burnout and decided to combat it by starting to do something creative everyday. She shared this and has invited her blog readers and fellow scrappers to do the same. When I read this post I could relate on numerous levels.

  • First of all I love scrapbooking, but many of the layouts I have been creating over the past few months have been based on requirements or challenges for design teams and publication submissions.
  • Second, since I am taking Stacy J’s LOM class at BPS, I am seeing lots of new directions for my scrapbooking. I am so looking forward to creating way more authentic and meaningful layouts.
  • Third, it is a natural add-on to my Project 365. I am still taking a photo a day, so this will either provide new photo-opps, or I will be able to use the photos I take in some different ways.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I am doing this for ME. When I taught high school art, I used to work alongside my students. For those five years I did something creative every day, whether it was drawing, painting, prepping and experimenting with materials or photographing student work. When I became a Vice-Principal I didn’t have the opportunity to be creative within my daily work. And I was usually so tired at the end of the day that I didn’t want to do anything else. Fast forward a few years to being a SAHM mom. I now have the time and opportunity to play and be creative with my four year old (as well as my eight month old who is now on a bit more of a manageable schedule and is not attached to my body every hour on the hour!) For example, yesterday we got out the paints for the first time in a long time, and I was reminded how much fun it is to let go and make a creative mess.

So when I saw Lisa’s post it was serendipitous! I am SOOOO ready to be more creative again, and this was just the impetus I needed to make it a deliberate and intentional part of my every day life.

I don’t know that I will be able to post about it everyday, but I will document as much as I can here on my blog. And make sure to check out the other scrappers who are taking on this project for March as well – there is a link to us all on the sidebar on Lisa’s blog.

Ready – Set – Create!

Happy Scrapping,

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