Did you ever have a Polaroid camera? One that spat out pictures thick with emulsion that you watched develop right before your very eyes? I did, and I loved it. I actually still have it boxed up for posterity. I heard recently that although the iconic instamatic camera is long gone, Polaroid is coming out with the first ever digital instant camera called the PoGo which is due out in June of this year. Looks interesting.

Until I get to try it for myself, I’ll content myself with this online version I stumbled across – THE POLADROID PROJECT. It’s really fun and really easy- download the program onto your desktop and then click and drag a favorite photo “into” the camera. It makes a realistic noise, spits out the photo and you get to watch it develop. The result is a digital version of a polaroid, complete with a thick looking pic and the trademark white border. Cool!

So, I loaded this photo of the boys:

and ended up with this (It’s a little hard to see on this white background)

Cool eh? Of course I had to continue playing with it so I Poladroid-ed two more pics and made a digi layout with the resulting jpgs.

“Oh Brother”, Digital Layout by Noreen Smith. Storybook Creator Plus software and Best Buds digital kit. Journaling reads: “I grew up as an only child, but I always wished I had a sister or brother, so I am so happy that the two of you will grow up together. Sure, you’ll have your fights, differences of opinions and squabbles. But you’ll also always have each other to lean on, laugh with and love. You are precious gifts to daddy and I and to each other.”

You can make up to 10 Poladroids with the program, then apparently you have to re-download the program to do more (I’m unsure why, but…). It was lots of fun and very different to work with photos this way! I did a digi layout because my workspace is still a mess, but it would be fun to print these out and actually write on them like I used to do with the real ones! Either way, it sure felt great to create again!

Happy Scrapping!

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