It seems I am doing a lot of updating around here today… my blog and website, my flickr Project 365 gallery, the boys closets as they outgrow their clothes, my menu plans etc. I think I chose the word updating instead of organizing because I am merely going back to tweak a system or project I already have in place. Take my menu plans…I compiled and organized them about a year ago in preparation of having two kids around the house. Most worked, but some didn’t and I wrote notes to that effect on the meal plans themselves. Now I find it quite easy to go back into my meal plan folder, update the menu, recipe or shopping list and print out a new copy. I like updating – you get the same feeling of accomplishment as a bigger organizing project but without as much work!

I found these super cute kitchen helpers

in the dollar section of Michael’s the other day and they have cheered up my refrigerator door immensely – I love the bright citrus colors! The pic is not great, but there is a weekly menu planner notepad, a to-do list style of notepad and some great little glass magnets. And I also got a recipe box, recipe cards and a coupon organizer to match.

I really like things to match. Go ahead and call me anal, it’s OK. Cute and cheap eh? A few bucks is all it takes to make my day!

I will be spending some time after lunch today “updating” my LOM system…I am still sorting and placing things into the category drawers that I set up last week. I love using this handy dandy portable office (AKA clipboard!) for my LOM lessons. Stacy sent it to all of us before class started and I altered it with some fun paper and rub-ons. It brightens my day and helps to keep me focused.

Since I am pulling and sorting some photos, I hope to also do a paper/printed photo layout later today…it’s been too long!

Happy Scrapping!

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