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When we woke up to 13 cm of new snow this morning, I figured it would be a bit of a lazy stay-at-home sort of day. Later when Sam was napping and Grayson and Shane were out shoveling snow and having snowball fights, I actually had a little bit of me-time to surf the web. I found a few things worth sharing.

Bazzil Matchmaker
– Bazzill Basics Paper has done the work for us and matched up their cardstock to coordinate with patterned paper by other design firms like Basic Grey, Cosmo Cricket, Fancy Pants, Making Memories and Piggy Tales to name a few. What a great time-saver to know what solid colors of your favorite cardstock would coordinate with a line of PP.

As a Fiskateer I like to check out the Fiskars website every once in a while for ideas and inspiration. Today I noticed that the new season of Fiskars TV has started. There is a cute new set (check out the IKEA kitchen rail organizer in the background, just like I mentioned in this post a few weeks ago!) and all new ideas. I especially liked the March 13 webisode about spring squeeze punches and got a few new ideas for using not only the Fiskars punches, but any type of shaped punch in a new way. I think I may have to get the new butterfly punch – it’s so very cute! Don’t forget to enter for the prize at the end of each webisode.

While trying to create a flow chart for my Library of Memories System, I was introduced via the class message board to bubbl.us, a web based brainstorming program. If you have ever used Inspiration or Kidspiration mind-mapping software you’ll be familiar with the type of program. If not, check it out – start by typing in an idea, concept or subject, click on the tab button and a new little bubble will automatically be created. Very cool for creating visual projects or for just organizing your thoughts.

Let’s Explore
is a great website that features a shop full of cool and unusual items for pre-schoolers, and a great blog that is regularly updated with fun and educational projects. This post inspired me to use some of my scrapbooking materials to create a bunch of pre-cut shapes for Grayson to use in his collages (or his “scrapping work” as he calls it!) We have been practicing cutting shapes and along lines, but he loves to glue and make pictures with shapes, so having a tray of pre-cut shapes will make it easier for him to get right with the gluing. I love the ideas here…great for developing skills as well as keeping him occupied and focused (and quiet!) during Sam’s nap times.

And finally, a non-crafty site – the Family Manager. I had picked up a book at the library called “The Family Manager Takes Charge” and I liked some of the ideas the author Kathy Peel had about creating routines and a “control central” space so your family can be more organized. All the forms you could want in order to stay organized can be found on her website and are free to download. I think I will be adding some to my own household notebook.

What a nice way to spend a little bit of downtime…just getting some good new ideas and being able to share them with all of you!

Back later this week with some new projects and layouts I hope!

Happy Scrapping!

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