Happy Easter!

Shhh…I am writing this from the bathroom of out hotel room at the Holiday Inn in Lloydminster where we are staying while visiting Shane’s family for Easter and all three of my boys are asleep in the next room!

Over the last few days we finished up our Easter crafts and did our Easter baking (which I forgot to take pictures of) but we were so busy getting packed up and ready for our road trip to Lloydminster that I haven’t had a chance to blog about it until now. Here is a shot of our cute bunnies we made for family and friends. Grayson is really into crafts and projects right now and he did all the gluing himself – I just cut out the photos with my CM custom cutting system and drew on the nose and mouth. We added magnets on the back so they can be put on the fridge. He was quite proud of himself and he handed them to Grammy, Uncle Darcy and Grandpa with pride.

Unfortunately we didn’t get an Egg Hunt done at home…there was just no time. And it was a bit of a challenge even getting the boys’ Easter baskets up here for tomorrow. We smuggled them in wrapped in several layers of plastic bags and stapled securely at the top so they wouldn’t fall open. They are now hidden in the only place not immediately visible in our hotel room…the bathtub! I hope Grayson will think to look there in the morning! We’ll try the Egg Hunt next year, and I’m sure Sam will be all over it since he will be up and running by then!

Although it is pretty obvious which basket is for Grayson and which one is for Sam, next year perhaps I will make some personalized bunny cookies to identify each boys basket. These are so cute, and what a nice tradition it would be!

I am looking forward to the big family dinner (which is held at lunchtime here) tomorrow at Shane’s uncle and aunt’s place. There will be at least 35 people there which makes it a fun, busy, noisy gathering! It’s a great time to see everyone and catch up (not to mention the fantastic food!!!). Then after we finish stuffing ourselves, we are going to drive into Edmonton and stay overnight. On Monday I need to visit our favorite jewelers there in order to have my wedding and engagement rings re-sized, and then we will visit that mecca of shopping – the West Edmonton Mall – before heading home.

Wishing you Easter Blessings!

Happy Scrapping!

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