Sickness and snow. They seem to be neverending around here. And I am sick of them both!

Just when we think we are finally getting well, someone in the house gets sick and it starts all over again. Poor Sam had an ear infection last week, stemming from a cold that he had the week before. Grayson got over one cold, but now has a hacking cough and a runny nose. I was doing good when Shane was sick a few weeks back, but now my sinuses are killing me again. On it goes. Sigh…

I can’t help but wonder if the crazy weather this winter has anything to do with it? We thought spring was finally here- the grass was greening up and the birds, rabbits and squirrels were coming out of hiding. But then it snowed again last week (on Earth Day of all days!), and then we got a blizzard last night! Here is the view from the window this morning.

Come on…it’s April 27 already. Enough is enough! Uggghhh.

I can’t take it anymore. Shane and I have been talking for a couple of years now about buying property on Vancouver Island in preparation for retirement, but this winter has spurred us on to look more seriously at this. We could probably only afford to put a trailer on the property at first, but we are so fed up with snow and cold that I could live with that. So, we are making plans to get out to the island to look at some land later this spring or early summer. Maybe then the snow would be just a memory? Hmmm…one can dream.
Happy Scrapping!

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