Three Things for Tuesday

Three quick things today…

First…I got the LAST ISSUE of Simple Scrapbooks mag today in the mail. Can we all take a moment please?

OK, thanks. You can read all about it on SS editors Angie Lucas’ blog.

I haven’t opened it yet…I want to save it and read it on our 6 hour road trip up to Lloydminster. Oh Simple Scrapbook Magazine, we will miss you! If you see on in your bookstore, grab it…it may become a collectors edition one day!

Second…since Spring has finally arrived in Calgary (fingers crossed it’s not just a trick) my thoughts inevitably turn towards freshening up the house and my wardrobe. Time to switch the closet to pastels and lightweight fabrics instead of wools and tweeds and rich colors. I always enjoy the turnaround, and I got some new tips and ideas at Home Made Simple’s website. Like the TV show…love the site. Maybe my closet will look like this one day…

…but right now I share a standard size closet with only one hanging rod with my hubbie. Sigh. Oh well – a girl can dream.

And finally…I received a wonderful email from one of my former art students today. It really touched my heart and made me remember what an important job teachers have. I haven’t heard from this student for 10+ years, but to know that I made a difference in her life was incredibly fulfilling. It also reminded me how much I love teaching and creating. Thanks so much Kasia…you made my day!

Happy Scrapping!

2 thoughts on “Three Things for Tuesday”

  1. I was reading through your website, and this mention of my name brought tears to my eyes. You made more then a difference – you helped steer me when I lacked direction, and gave me the warmth a mother-hen protects her little chicks with. Under your wing and with the guidance you gave in artistic expression, my life has been enriched beyond my wildest dreams!

    Words cannot express how much I adore you and everything you have done for me without knowing it. J'aime Noreen! Thank you for you. 🙂

    Xo. Kasia.

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