Three Things for Tuesday

Just surfing around this morning while having my coffee and I came across a couple of great things to share:

1) Paper Cast Embellishments. (By Allison at Scrapbooks & Cards Today)
These are so easy and so cute. Imagine the possibilities – you could make any type or style you need! I am SOOO making some today!!!

2) Mother’s Day Card Idea. (By Amy at Let’s Explore)
I know as moms we sort of have to cajole our own homemade cards out of our kids, but why not slip your partner this list of interview questions and come craft supplies and have him help the kids make a super cute card for you?

3) CD Card. (By Deanne at Sisterhood of Scrap)
We made some “mixed CD’s” at Christmas…wouldn’t it be a cute idea to make a special CD for someone and then add your homemade card in the front of it? Very personalized!

Anyway…just wanted to share these few things that caught my eye and got my creative mojo going this a.m.!
Happy Scrapping!

1 thought on “Three Things for Tuesday”

  1. Hi Noreen, thanks for visiting my blog! You have a lovely little place over here! Love the card idea from Let's Explore… I haven't been "over there" in awhile!
    Sounds like you're a busy, scrapping mom! I would love to take LOM some day, I just thought I might be moving this year and held off on it!
    see you in the gallery!

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