Inspired to Create?

Today I thought I would share an example of how you can take something from your inspiration journal/folder/notebook and use it to create a layout.

Remember this photo of a page in my son’s book?


I liked the simple clean lines of the page so much I decided to use it as the basis for a two page layout. Before I started I took a good look at the image to figure out what it was that I liked so much about it and wanted to try and duplicate or capture. I identified that I liked 

  • the way the photos butted up against each other
  • the way that two of the photos were taller than the rest
  • the way they continued across the two pages
  • the captions written below each photo

Armed with this information I created this layout:

around the house

It is not exactly the same as the book pages that inspired it, but the aspects of the original that I liked are all there – the photos lined up next to each other spanning  two pages, the captions underneath and the two photos that are larger than the rest.

Remember that items you select and collect as inspiration may serve as a jumping off point, might be re-created exactly or become anything inbetween. It is all up to you! The more you look at a variety of objects, the more varied your layouts, cards, crafts and artwork will be and you will find your mind reeling with possibilities! 

I hope this week has been…ahem…”inspiring” for you and you continue to see everything around you as a possible source of inspiration!

Back tomorrow with a list of great sites and posts to browse over the weekend.

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  1. I love this layout! Is it digital? I was inspired this week by two older photos of Nico and an embellishment sticker from an old power palette. Most creative I've been in a long time. (Not sure how or if I can share it here.)

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