Tip Tuesday – Cupcake Paper-Piecing Pattern

Today I thought I would share a pattern I created to make a paper-pieced cupcake to use on a scrapbook layout or card.

Paper-piecing is not new. It’s been around in some form or another for a long time and I can remember creating little birds and animals by cutting out and layering shapes from construction paper (gasp!) back in my teens when I used to make scrapbooks in magnetic photo albums! (another gasp!) Well, we have come a long way in this hobby overall and paper-piecing patterns are no exceptions. Browse through any online gallery and you are bound to see some amazing piecing work. And even better, the patterns are often free. I really like the patterns provided by the team at Scrapbooks etc. where you can download a wide variety of patterns suitable for many different themes.

So here is my first attempt at creating my own paper-piecing pattern to share with you! It really was a pretty straighforward process. First I drew the cupcake, then I drew back over it to create each individual shape needed to make the finished product. Once I had my pattern pieces cut out, I traced them onto patterned paper and solid cardstock in the desired colors and cut those pieces out.  Here are the four pieces – two layers of icing, the “cake” itself and the cupcake liner or holder.


Then I layered them all together to get the cute cupcake for my scrapbook page.


Note: before I adhered the pieces together, I ran the bottom “cupcake holder” piece through my paper crimper to mimic the fluted edges of a real cupcake holder and then I embellished the top layer of icing with some brads for a 3-D effect.  There are so many possibilities for paper-piecing – you can choose any color paper you like and then decorate the final product with brads, gems, glitter, doodles, Stickles etc. Or try inking or sanding the edges of each piece for a very different look. 

In order to share the pattern with you, I retraced the template pieces onto 8.5 x 11 paper, scanned it and turned it into a PDF file. Just download the file here and print it out onto an 8.5 x 11 piece of white cardstock or paper. Cut each pattern piece out and use them as your templates to trace the shapes onto the patterned paper or colored cardstock of your choice. Layer each shape as shown in the finished cupcake picture and adhere with paper adhesive. Embellish and use as you like!

Happy piecing! I would love to see what you do with this little cupcake! Email a pic or post your creation in an online gallery and send a link.

See you tomorrow for a new Watch and Learn Video!

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