Tip Tuesday – Organizing Inspiration

So how did you make out yesterday? Did you find some inspiration in the objects around you? I know I was more absolutley more aware of everything I came in contact with yesterday – looking at things with a more crictical eye and really taking things in. I find that when I am aware I see so many possibilities! I’ll share a few things that inspired me yesterday that I documented for future reference (and yes, I resolved the image issue!)

Here’s a batch of my favorite soaps from Bath and Body Works lined up and ready to be put away. I love the colors and the simple shape of the bottles.


The text, colors and overall design of this gift card enclosure really caught my eye.


The two page linear layout in my son’s book about “Things That Go” would be great for a two-page scrapbook layout.


I thought this fish image on my younger son’s shirt would make a cute paper piecing pattern.


This owl on a pillow from a Pottery Barn Kids catalogue was so cute and I love the colors and the stitching.  owl-pillow

What did you find that inspired you?  And now what do we do with all those ideas and inspiration pieces? Well, today we are going to create a place to put them all!  There are lots of ways you can organize your items and it really doesn’t matter which method you choose – the key is to make it easy to add inspiration as you find more pieces and to be able to access everything easily when you are looking for inspiration! Here are a few methods that would work: 

  1. Create an inspiration bulletin board in the space you work that features an ever changing assortment of images, color swatches, quotes etc.
  2. Use a binder with page protectors to slip images into and some lined or blank pages to write and draw on.
  3. Use a notebook or sketchbook (any size) to jot down ideas, draw out plans or designs and paste images into.
  4. Slip small items into the sleeves of a photo album and jot your notes and ideas in the caption spaces.
  5. Use a file folder with the sides stapled together or a pocket-style folder to corral all your goodies in.
  6. Create a folder on your computer to add websites, tutorials and online images to without needing to print them off.
  7. Make or buy a bunch of tags and paste image/draw/write on each one. Slip them on a binder ring and hang up in your space.
  8. Use a pretty box or  a shallow drawer to store all your treasures.

I’m sure there are many more than eight solutions for keeping your inspiration close by (and if you have more ideas, please share!) You may need to think about or try a couple of different methods to see what suits you best. For example, although I am a visual person and I love to look at images displayed on a bulletin board, I dislike it when things get too visually cluttered. So ultimately I figured out that a binder style notebook is what I needed to use. I have a section for inspiring quotes I have come across, techniques I want to try and some page protectors for all the bits and pieces I collect. I also like that I can easily add printed pages by just hole punching them. I decorated the front and spine of my binder so I can identify it under all the mess on my scrap table and so that it is pretty to look at. It’s also portable, so I can bring it wherever I am working, reading or surfing the web. It’s what works best for me!

So, today your assignment is to create a repository for your inspiration items! Use something you already have or go shopping and treat yourself to something you will love to use on a regular basis. Remember that the key to using it will be accessability!

I would love to hear/see what you came up with. Email me a pic or send me a link to your blog posting about it! Share it so we all can be inspired!

Check back tomorrow for Watch ‘n Learn Wednesday (hopefully the video issue will be resolved too!) and later this week we will create something using one of our inspiration pieces! Have a great day!

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