Weekly Inspiration Challenge – Where do you find inspiration?

Hope you had a great weekend and a Happy Father’s Day! I am STILL not able to post pictures and I am really hoping I don’t have to go back to the drawing board and rebuild or change the site {sigh}. Keep your fingers crossed!

Anyway…this week we’re talking about how we get inspired and where we draw inspiration from. When you actually find the time to scrapbook, do you sit down and think “where do I start?” I think many of us are like this! Sometimes when we have this creative block we turn to trusty sources of design inspiration like page plans and sketches, magazines and books and layout galleries online. I find lots of inspiration in these places too. But I also take pleasure in looking for and finding ideas and inspiration in the world around me.

I used to teach my art students that design is all around us. One way to see this was to look at and analyze everyday objects. We talked a lot about the elements of design in my classes – line, shape, color, value, pattern, texture, form and space – and I would have my students find an object and examine how the designer combined and used the elements. We looked at everything from tissues boxes and household items to clothing and textiles to see how these elements could be used in so many ways. We learned so much from just looking and studying. Now I find myself drawing inspiration for my scrapbook pages from the designed objects that surround ME most on a daily basis – children’s books, clothing and fabrics, toys and decorative objects! (I SO hoped to post some pics of these items for you!! Hopefully soon!!!!!)

Ok, so here is the teacher in me coming out, and here is the first in a series of your “inspiration assignments” this week:

Find and collect some pictures that you like. Browse through some magazines and rip out some photos. Walk through your home and look at the objects you have surrounded yourself with. Take a camera with you and snap a photo of clothing, furniture, houses or cars that you like. When you are in the grocery store, look at the packaging and see which items you are drawn to. Bookmark and print objects, layouts or items you see online. Open your eyes and try to be aware of the things that are around you that you take pleasure in.

That’s it. Pretty easy assignement, eh? Just LOOK and be aware. Have fun with it and check back tomorrow when we’ll talk more about getting all that inspiration organized into ideas you can actually use in your scrapbooking! (and hopefully there’ll be some photos as well!)

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