Since I have busy writing about scrappy things for Sharing Memories Website, I realize that I haven’t written about our regular old lives on this blog for a long time. I love having this blog as a record of what we have done and what is going on in our lives, so I am going to try and keep the everyday family sort of stuff on here, as a record for myself more than anything! So to catch-up…

I have been keeping up with taking my Project 365 photos, but I haven’t been keeping up with posting them. Since changing over to the Shutterfly site from Flickr it just hasn’t been as quick and easy to upload on a daily basis. I think I only have to the end of MAY on the site right now! I have to get a lot of photos developed too so I can slip them in the little slots and journal while the events are somewhat still fresh in my mind!

I haven’t posted a lot of photos on this blog either…again, after a recent change my hubby made as to how our photos are uploaded once I plug my camera in, it is now a more cumbersome process and I do dread it a little bit. I will have to rectify that, otherwise none of our photos will get dealt with!

The weather has been strange this month…reainy and cold for one week and then hot and muggy the next. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot LIVE somewhere hot…I enjoy visiting and lying on a beach in a hot locale, but I wouldn’t be able to get on with my ordinary life in a hot climate. But, BC still looks good…I’m thinking a more temperate climate would still be better than our crazy weather in Calgary. (Interestingly enough, we may have a chance to move to BC as Hubby and his business partner look at a possible expansion. Far off still, but we’ll see.)

Around the house we are slowly getting things done…Shane is adding privacy slats to the fence we installed last summer. I am still undertaking organizational tasks inside the house…does that EVER end? and we are debating about the degree of renovations we should do on our main level.
Grayson is in a very strange mood these days. I don’t know if it is jealousy over Sam as Sam starts to want to play and gets into G’s toys, or if I need to spend more time with him, or if he is just raring to go, go, go and do more, more, more. He is definitley touchy and easily irritated these days. He squeals and does a fake whiny cry (which is driving me nuts) doesn’t listen and is quite defiant. This is not my boy! Where did he go? But we went to Calaway Park yesterday with friends and he had a good time (until we had to leave!) Sigh…

Sam is 13 months, is huge (27 lbs), is crawling like a madman, and still isn’t quite walking. He walks around the furniture, but not on his own. In fact when you hold his hands ot help him walk he either lifts up his feet or justs sits down. All in good time I guess. He is eating everything in site and is generally pretty happy. Lots of noises (especially imitation sneezes!) and babbling, but not quite talking yet either, although I like to think he is saying Ma-Ma, Ma-Ma! He has just cut his 7th tooth.

Well, I think that’s a pretty good snapshot of where we are right now. OK…off to make Menu Plan for this week and write SMS blog post for today!

Happy Scrapping!

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