We're Back!

We’re back from our “Vacation” as well as our “Stay-cation” and we had a great time!

First we took off to visit some of Shane’s family at Laurier Lake and had our first camping experience with the boys. Shane’s Aunt and Uncle brought a trailor and parked it on their cabin property for us to stay in. And this was no “roughing it” type of trailor…it was about a 26 footer, had a full size Queen bed, couch, table with benches, 2 bunks and a full kitchen and bathroom. Man, if that’s camping these days, I am IN! The boys loved it…Grayson enjoyed the campfires, the beach and the boating, and Sam REALLY liked playing in the sand. Shane and I enjoyed visiting with family, some great food and of course a few beverages around the campfire! What a great time!

When we got back we simply laid low for a few days…I didn’t blog or do a lot of work. We just relaxed and continued in vacation mode, even though we were at home! The weather wasn’t great, so we relaxed indoors, read a lot of books and played with a new farm and tractor set! This past weekend I had some ladies over for an all-day scrapbooking workshop, and went to a couple of BBQ’s -one with friends and one at my dad’s place. Overall we have had a great time the past couple of weeks!

But now we are back to normal and looking forward to getting back into our routines. We do have a lot of fun things planned for the rest of the summer, so we certainly won’t be sitting around for very long. I haven’t got a menu plan going for this week yet…most likely I will be back at it next week. This week we’ll eat some leftovers, do a little BBQing and maybe have one night with take-out or a pizza.

I am working a bunch of new articles and blog posts for the Sharing Memories site, and am busy putting together product kits which I hope will be available online in August. Awhile back I said I was going to have a big launch in July…well, it looks more like later in August now! I am finding that although I am very excited about my new business, I was perhaps a bit unrealistic about how fast I could get each step accomplished. But a lot of great things are in the works for Fall, including multi-consultant crops and a Fall retreat. More details to follow…I promise!

I am taking Lisa Day’s “The Challenge of Me” class over at BPS and while her prompts and ideas are great, I haven’t been keeping up with my assignments. I WILL be going back to complete them though, because I feel is so important to document my story for my kids…I wish I had more information on my relatives and their stories…not just the dates and places, but the REAL stories of their lives. That brings me to this week’s inspiration over at Sharing Memories…we’ll be talking about journaling and stories.

Once I upload my pics from our vacation/staycation I will post a few for fun!

Until then,
Happy Scrapping!

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