I’m Baa-aack!

Well, that was short lived, wasn’t it? I’m back blogging here because I missed having a spot to jot down random things like conversations with and pics of my kids, things we do as a family, the weather, menu plans, cool things I have found and want to remember and other stuff that has nothing to do with my scrapbooking business. There have been quite a few times in the past few weeks when I just wanted to sit down and write about the day, but didn’t feel like I could do that on my Sharing Memories website. And since Fall is my favorite time of year I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of having a fall themed blog template!!!!!
Lots has happened in the past few weeks since I last blogged:
  • Grayson started school (Pre-K) and is loving it
  • He got a haircut for going to school and then I made a mess of it by trying to fix up a few uneven spots!
  • Both boys had vaccinations and were pretty miserable afterwards
  • Sam has really started walking and now hates being confined
  • My cousin found out she was expecting Baby #2!
  • We had a wonderful family dinner to celebrate belated birthdays, and went to a BBQ in Bragg Creek, the Highland games in Canmore and Calaway Park over the past few weekends
  • I have been using all my spare time to get Sharing Memories Scrapbooking products ready, permits and licenses in place, the website updated and workshops and retreats booked
  • We cleaned up the yard for fall/winter
  • I stood in line at 7:00 am last Saturday to get a spot in a primo craft fair.
  • We started thinking about Halloween costumes – Grayson wants to be a Vampire Sam will go as whatever costume we can find to fit him. Oh…and we have been having fun with The Monster Mash-Up which is sort of like Elf-Yourself!
  • We are planning Thanksgiving weekend in Lloydminster, thinking about going on vacation somewhere HOT this fall/winter and booking fun fall activites like Pumpkin hunts at Butterfield Acres.
  • Shane and I have been spending a lot of time talking about the future – should we stay where we are and renovate more, purchase a bigger, newer house again or buy a rental/recreational property? Should I go back to work? Should we get a nanny? Which school should Grayson go to next year for K? Will Shane run again in the next election…if so what impact will that have on our family? What kind of vehicle should we be looking at getting to replace the Jeep? Lots of things to talk and think about.
  • I have been enjoying the new season of shows on TV. “Glee” is my new favorite, and I have been indulging in my guilty pleasures of So You Think You can Dance Canada, Jon & Kate + 8, America’s Next Top Model etc.
  • I am getting back into a routine now that the lazy days of summer are over, and especially because Grayson is now in school every afternoon.
  • I am cooking and making freezer meals that feel right for fall dinners. Grayson and I are baking more again too.
  • We are enjoying an “Indian Summer”, with record breaking temperatures (30.4 degrees celsius yesterday!)
Yes, it has been busy and although I was complaining that I didn’t have time to update this blog, the truth is I missed having it as a place to jot things down. I may only update occasionally or psot something really quick, but that’s OK with me! I’m glad to be back!

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