Menu Plan Monday and Other Foodie Things.

We are having a slow start to our week around here…it’s 10:00am and we are all still in our PJ’s! We slept in until 8:30 which was a welcome treat! Anyway…I’m on my second cup of coffee and getting organized for a very busy week ahead! It’s so nice to be back blogging and having a place to jot down my efforts at getting organized -I like being able to refer back to them!) Here’s the menu plan for the week:

Monday: Sesame Orange Salmon (marinate slamon fillets in a bottled sauce like Knorrs Sesame Orange, or a teriyaki or orange ginger sauce. Bake in oven 400 degrees about 10 -12 minutes or until fish is opaque and flakes with a fork) with rice and broccoli

Tuesday: BBQ chicken, new potatoes and corn on the cob (we still have great, luscious Taber Corn here!)

Wednesday: Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (a favorite of Grayson’s which we have when Shane is working late!)

Thursday: Skillet Cheesburger Macaroni with veggies and dip

Friday: Pizza and salad

Saturday: Since I will be away at the trade show all day I think it might be takeout or leftovers – whatever is easy after packing up!

Sunday: Baked ham, scalloped potatoes, mixed veg, salad and rolls. And maybe I will try this recipe for a yummy sounding Brown Sugar Cake if I have time!

Don’t forget to visit for TONNES of menu plans each and every Monday!

2 other quick things relating to food:
I have been thinking about buying a bread maker…I was watching the Shopping Channel on Friday night (yes I know – pathetic!!!) while I was putting kits together and this Wolfgang Puck breadmaker was featured.

Man this thing does everything – breads, cakes, muffins and even jams and jellies. I was SO tempted to buy one but I thought I better do some research. Any thoughts on good breadmakers out there?  I would love to have some info!

Secondly, I am once again thinking about getting an organic produce delivery. I was reading an article  on about a study that saw the levels of pesticides in children’s urine drop dramatically in a very short time frame once they started easting organic produce. It really gets you thinking. I try to buy organic strawberries, grapes, and apples since these are among the most contaminated fruits, but you can’t always get them, or they are way too expensive. I think it would be helpful and very convenient to have organic fruit and veg delivered to our door. Any recomendations for the Calgary area??? I think I need to do a little more research.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!!!

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