Day 6 – Hostess Gift Idea

It happens too often – you are on your way to a holiday gathering and as you are walking out the door you realize you don’t have a hostess gift to bring along. It certainly has happened to me plenty of times. Now I try to be smart and I plan to make or buy several hostess gifts ahead of time so I have some on hand just for this very situation.

This is my favorite for this year:

I enjoy bringing homemade baking or sweet treats as a hostess gift. It’s always appreciated, especially by those who haven’t had a chance to bake themselves! Normally I package it all up in a cello bag and tie a big bow and include the recipe. A few weeks ago I saw these Mitten Clips on Martha and I decided I would make some to clip onto my homemade goodies.

These are super easy…all you need is a piece of scrap cardstock, some felt in any color, wooden clothespin, tacky glue, self adhesive magnet strip (or recycle an old fridge magnet by cutting it down to size).

Draw or trace a picture of a mitten about the same size as a wooden clothespin onto a piece of scrap cardstock. Cut it out.

Place it on top of a piece of felt (I used the pre-stiffened felt sheets you can get at craft stores) and trace around it. Cut out the felt.


Adhere some baby ric-rac, ribbon or other trim to the mitten around the cuff. Let dry.

Assemble your clip…glue the felt on top of the clothespin and adhere the magnet (with tacky glue if you aren’t using the peel & stick variety) on the bottom. Let dry.

I found the fun recipe cards at Michael’s and they look so cute with the mitten clip. Voila…a lovely hostess gift to enjoy now (the baking) and later (the magnetic clip can hold recipes or memos on the fridge!)

Oh…the treat that’s IN the bags? A super easy Candy Cane Bark! Find the recipe here.

What’s your favorite hostess gift? I would love to hear you suggestions! Share them below in the comments section and on our last day (December 12) I will select one to win a prize (hmmm…maybe a mitten clip or two???)

Have a great day and check back tomorrow for another great idea to packaging up your homemade goodies!

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