Day 7 – Treat Bag Toppers

Yesterday we made a little something extra to add to homemade goody packages. Today let’s make a simple topper for treat bags. These toppers make a simple little bag of candies or cookies seem much more special and festive. And they’re quick and easy, which makes them perfect for when you have to get a bunch of treats ready – like for your kids classmates or teachers, neighbours or office colleagues.

I did two different designs – one for candy treats –

 and one for cookie treats –

These are embarrassingly simple to make, but here are the basic instructions anyway!

Measure the width of your cellophane bags. (If you don’t have cello bags, you can use zip-lock type bags -the zipper will be hidden by the topper anyway!)

Cut a shape the same width as your bag. I used a bracket-style  square shape here, but I have also used squares and circles which are always cute. Here is a look at the toppers I made for Halloween using black cardstock circles –

Decorate your shapes. You can stamp a saying or image on them, draw or doodle, write a message, add a die cut shape, a flower, a sticker…the possibilities are really endless. For these Christmas toppers I cut thin strips of paper and stamped a holiday message on them. I also made die cut shapes of snowflakes and gingerbread boys that I  attached with a pop dot so they would stand out a bit.

Now fill up your treat bags. Fold your decorated shapes in half and staple closed over top of the treat bags. See, I told you it was easy! A quick tip to make it even easier it to set up an assembly line to make these fast. Cut out all your shapes at once, then decorate them all at once, then fill and assemble your bags all at once.

If you aren’t into doing all the cutting yourself, I do have kits to make your own. You get all the materials pre cut and pre stamped – just fill and staple! You can make 5 treat bags for jsut $5.00 with the kits, and there is a kit for the candy toppers as well as the cookie toppers. Contact me to purchase!

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