One Little Word

Ali Edwards is one of my favorite scrapbookers. I remember finding her work on TwoPeas way back in the day when I started pursuing scrapbooking (as we now know it) as a hobby. She was a Garden Girl then and she was one of my main sources of inspiration then, and she remains so today. If you read her blog you may know that besides sharing incredibly meaningful project ideas she shares a lot of herself with her readers. Back in 2007 she shared that she was going to have a one-word mantra or slogan for the year (I think it was PLAY). She explained the significance of the word and throughout the year shared how the word had impacted her work and life (by the way, this year her word is STORY).

I have been thinking about this concept for a while and the word that seems to come to me time and time again is SIMPLIFY.

Why SIMPLIFY? I know that I am not the only one who has a busy life – in fact I am quite lucky in that right now I am not working full time outside of the home as so many other moms are. But we have some major decisions and life changes coming this year:
I will be returning to work in the fall of 2010 but am unsure which position I will take. We are discussing taking on a nanny once I do go back. This would necessitate purchasing a home that would work for that kind of living situation. Selling our current home would mean that we need to do some cosmetic fix-ups earlier than we anitcipated. All these things feel overwhelming to me so I need to come up with some strategies and plans to help us sort it all out.

I think I am craving simplicity like I crave chocolate – at first the craving is intense but after just a little piece, the craving is abated for a while. I think if I can begin to simplify in a few small areas (and do it one area at a time) I might feel less overwhelmed.

So over the next few weeks I will be organize and share with you my plans to simplify in the following areas:


I may also think of other areas in need of simplification, and if I do I’ll add them to this list. I will also share some of the blogs, websites and resources I am using to help me in this goal.

Can you think of one little word that you might like to embrace for 2010? I would love to hear about it. We can join each other on the journey.

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