It’s nice to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day instead of dreading getting out of bed.

It’s nice to be organized and on top of things instead of feeling overwhelmed and behind before the day even begins.

It’s nice to see smiles on the boys faces this morning instead of grouchy pusses.

It’s nice to have a good breakfast and feel like my body is being nourished instead of just fed.

It’s nice to see the sunshine instead of gray skies.

It’s nice to get dressed and put on this lovely Christmas gift from Shane – a reminder of my little family.

Family Tree Necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs
It’s nice to receive emails from friends instead of spam and form emails.
It’s nice to think of the possibilities of the day ahead instead of the obligations.
It’s nice to look at things through rose colored glasses for a change.
It’s a really nice day.

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