The Boys

These two boys keep me busy every day.

It’s been a while since I wrote about them, so here’s an update on them both – a snapshot if you will, of this moment in their little lives.

At 19 months, Sammy is into everything. He is a climber – couches, chairs, beds – whatever he can shimmy up on to! He isn’t talking yet, but he certainly understands what WE say and boy does he holler (well, squeal is more like it) when he feels we are not understanding HIM! He is sleeping and eating well (actually he will eat anything in sight). He enjoys songs and music – Old MacDonald, Head and Shoulders, Twinkle Twinkle and anything by the Wiggles – and loves to dance. He has an infectious smile and has discovered how to make silly faces. He adores his big brother and wants to do whatever Grayson is doing. As such he often runs too fast and falls too hard! But he can also hold his own when Grayson tries to assert himself – Sam has been known to give Grayson a head butt when he thinks he has been treated unfairly! He is full of mischief and alwasy needing to be told “no, no, ta, ta Sam”. He will come and give you a hug as if to say “sorry” when you catch him doing something wrong! He is wearing size 18 months to 24 months clothing and he has slimmed down from the overt chubbiness he had as a baby. He likes cars and trucks and all things “boy”, but he also loves to cuddle with his soft blankets and his lambie. People look at him and say he is a mini-me. But when his crazy curly hair is standing up, I think he looks like a mini Mr. Heat Miser…behold:

See what I mean? (And if you want to see the whole Mr. Heat Miser/Mr. Snow Miser video from the movie A Year Without Santa Claus…just to reminisce, you can watch it here!)
Grayson will be five in two weeks (where does the time go??? I look at photos of him as a babe and can’t even remember how small he was. Sigh…) He is LOVING school and can’t wait to go everyday. He is now enjoying drawing and writing and doing connect the dot puzzles. He is reading short words and tries sounding out the signs he sees wherever we go. He asks what words mean. He is learning to tell time. He navigates the computer like a pro. He is enjoying his piano lessons and has a real ear for rhythm. He is soaking things up like a little sponge. On the flip side, he can be too rough with Sam and he doesn’t always share well. He is trying to assert himself but it comes out as being defiant and he has spent much more time lately sitting and crying in time-out. Listening is not his strong suit unfortunately! He is very sweet when he wants to be and I love the mornings when he creeps into our bedroom and wants to climb in to bed have a cuddle with me. I don’t know how much longer he will want to do that, so I am cherishing every moment – even if it means interrupted sleep for me! He is still slight for his age – tall and slim. He is 42 inches tall but only weighs 38 pounds. He is still in his car seat because he has to be 40 pounds to move to the booster. He is wearing 3x tops and 3 bottoms, but a few size 2 pj’s still fit him! I keep telling him to eat, eat, eat, but he would rather be off doing something else…ANYTHING besides eating! (He is definitely Shane’s son in that respect!) He is a funny, smart, crazy, good little boy.

These two boys are the centre of my world. Throw in their daddy and I have my own little universe. I’m a lucky woman…I am very, very blessed!

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