My baby is a big five year old boy today! Wow…where has five years gone?

Like many moms I wax poetic every year on my kids birthday. I recall all the cute, precious, funny, crazy and adorable things they have done in their little lives. Their accomplishments and milestones. Their challenges and shortcomings. Most of all their blossoming personalities.

In honor of my BIG boy’s special day here’s a Five at Five list all about Grayson.

1) You are a HAM! As soon as you see the camera coming out you pose and smile. Your sense of humour is developing and you tell a mean Knock-Knock joke!

2) You are curious. Yes, just like your favorite monkey George, you are always questioning and wondering. “Why” is one of your favorite words.

3) You are sweet. I love how you still want to hug and kiss mommy every day. And you can creep into my bed for sleepy cuddles any morning for as long as you like!

4) You are sociable. You love to go to school to see all your friends. You love playdates. You love to chat to everyone you meet. (Hmmm…this might be a problem down the road!)

5) You are smart. Your vocabulary is expanding. You can do basic addition. You are reading short words. You can figure out how things work and you love to build. I hope you always want to learn more and more and more!

Unfortunately, Grayson is sick today of all days! He came down with a little flu bug on Monday and is still running a temperature. But, we will celebrate with family and friends this upcoming weekend and his lovely teacher has assured me he can be the helper in honor of his big day when he returns to class tomorrow! And, I think we’ll have to send cupcakes…because what is a special day without cupcakes?!

Happy Birthday Little Man!
Love mommy

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