Weekend Reading for Mommies (and Daddies too)

I sat down tonight to relax and catch up on the blogs I follow using Google Reader (I love using Google Reader…I can see just what I want to all in one place! If you don’t already use it, you can check it out here.) Anyway, I had no intention of writing a blog post, but so many items I read tonight resonated with the Mommy in me (like feeling guilty for not spending enough time with the boys, keeping things organized, documenting this precious time in their lives etc.) that I had to do a quick post as a place to capture and share them. Hope you can make time this weekend to read (and watch) these and be inspired.

1) Sherri at Simple Mom was talking today about allowing yourself  Your Parental Permission Slip . This rang true for me…in so many ways. I’m so sleeping in tomorrow.

2) & 3) Even though Grayson is only five years old and in pre-school, I already have hoards of STUFF that comes home with him – some of which I want to keep and incorporate into his scrapbooks, some that could be documented in other ways and some that can just simply be recycled. Ali Edwards talks about scrapbooking with your kids school stuff here, and Rachel at Simple Mom has a great idea for photographing your kids stuff here. And although I don’t have a link to specific post about it, I also love Stacy Julian’s School of Life philosophy and have already set up two Rubbermaid file bins (one for each boy) with a hanging folder for each grade of school…hopefully it will keep the school clutter corralled. (Speaking of Stacy I am so glad that Library of Memoires has started at BPS again – this is my second time taking it and I am as pumped as the first time!)

4) Although I often make use of a timer for time-outs and for taking turns, Tiffany at Simply Modern Mom shares five positive uses for a timer here. (This is a lovely blog that I just came across recently and I am having a great time reading through the archives – I especially like the spin on Date Nights!)

5) Katrina Kenison, the author of one of my favorite books “Mitten Strings for God” published a new book this past fall – “The Gift of an Ordinary Day.” In this video she reads one of the chapters from it. Get your tissues ready and then go order yourself a copy of the book here. Mine is on it’s way.

Have a great weekend…I’ll report back on Grayson’s birthday party on Sunday!

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