Reno update

It’s March! How did that happen? February flew by and here we are on day 6 of our house update. So far, so good! Here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • The electrican changed out some light fixtures and fixed a couple of wonky plugs.
  • We have new flooring in the front entrance, kitchen, ensuite bathroom and the back hallway.
  • Although we didn’t replace all the interior doors, we did go ahead and replace all the door casings to a nice wide profile molding, and all the doors will get a fresh coat of paint.
  • Missing closet doors have been replaced and all the baseboards in the house were changed out to a more substantial 4 inch trim that will be painted the same white as all the rest of the trim.
  • Half of the painting is done and it is all looking pretty great!

The biggest issues have been trying to keep a 20 month old toddler out of work areas and finding a quiet place for him to nap. Grayson had two nights of “camp-outs” in the basement while his room was being painted and Sam is in a playpen in our room tonight as his room was painted today. The kitchen is 95% done, and it is nice to have all the appliances back in place…we have just about had it with take-out! And I am sick of cleaning…every evening after our contractors leave I get out the vaccum and cleaners and get to work! Needless to say, scrapping and computer time have been non-existent!


The hunt for our next house continues, and although we aren’t seeing much come up on the MLS, we do have a lead on a private sale. A friend of my dad’s son is looking to sell his home. It seems to be in a good location, but we’ll see. The conditional sale on the house we really liked hasn’t gone through yet, so there may be an outside possibility that it will come back on the market.


I have spent a fair bit of time in the basement with the boys in the last few days and have started purging and organizing things like the boys clothing, tools and reno supplies etc. I have come across a lot of decorative objects that haven’t been used at all in this house and was considering tossing them, but since I am thinking of possibilities for the next house, I reconsidered and decided to keep them until we finally pruchase one. I have started following a few home blogs and am enjoying dreaming a little bit about redecorating and cozi-fying our next place. I never really loved this house and sadly, I didn’t put a lot of effort into decorating and prettying it up. I hope I will LOVE our next house and will put more attention into how it looks and more importantly, feels.


Because the kitchen was out of commission last week many of the meals I had planned weren’t made, so most of the menu plan for this week will be a revamp of last week.


Monday: Leftover Chinese Food…hopefully our LAST take out meal for a long time!


Tuesday: Skillet Cheeseburger Pasta, Veggies and Dip


Wednesday: Cheesy Tomato Fish Bake, Rice, Green Salad


Thursday: Leftovers


Friday: Pizza (homemade this time – not take out!) Caesar Salad


Saturday: Grilled Steaks (Grilled Hot Dogs or Chicken for the boys since they don’t like Steak!) Baked Potatos, Asparagus


Sunday: 2 Step Pork Chops, Mashed Potatos, Mixed Vegetables


As always…get inspired with hundreds of meal plans at!

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