10 Ways to Save Money and Create Great Scrapbook Pages

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Are you a scrapbooker who is trying to save a little more and spend a little less these days? Being frugal doesn’t mean you can’t create great scrapbook pages. In fact the next time you bemoan the fact that you don’t have the latest and greatest scrapbooking products, try one of these ten ideas to boost both your budget and your creativity.

1) Alter It
A few basic craft supplies can go a long way to altering items to coordinate with the layout you are working on. Use paint to change the color of chipboard or metal items. Add a little glitter to a plain embellishment. Paint or doodle onto plain cardstock for a custom background.

2) Borrow It
Cancel your magazine subscriptions and borrow scrapbooking idea books and magazines from the library instead. And check online – most major magazines have a digital version or publish additional articles on their websites.

3) Piece It
Paper piecing is an old technique that can be used in new ways to create custom page enhancements. There are lots of free patterns available online or you can make your own. Choose a simple image and draw it onto a piece of cardboard or a scrap of heavy cardstock. Draw additional details separately. Cut out and save these to use as patterns. Trace them onto scraps of paper in your stash and cut out. Piece the cut-outs together using scrapbooking adhesive and add the finished embellishment to your page.

4) Print It
Your computer and printer are one of your best resources for frugal scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking offers the ultimate in re-usability. Once purchased, digital scrapbooking papers and embellishments can be re-used forever. And many digital scrapbooking programs and kits are available free online.

Create digital scrapbook pages and save them to print when your local photo developer has a special. Or post and share your pages with family and friends online and eliminate the need for printing all together.

Use your digital scrapbooking program (or even a basic word processing program) to create items for traditional scrapbook pages. Print word art, quotes, titles, digital papers and embellishments onto plain 8.5 x 11 cardstock, cut them out and add to your page. (Tip: Search online for royalty free clip art and PDF scrapbook papers)

5) Punch It
Punches are a great way to use up paper scraps and create cute embellishments. Punch out a variety of shapes from leftover paper scraps and store in a small basket or box for later use. Try layering punched shapes to create new designs or images.

6) Rediscover It
Dig out all those tools you haven’t used in a long time…paper crimpers, decorative scissors, embossing plates, templates and tracers etc. See if you can use them in a new way to fit your current style of scrapbooking.

7) Repurpose It
Look around your own house for items that could be used on your scrapbook pages. Office supplies (like tags, clips) sewing notions (buttons, rick rack, embroidery floss) and kids items (book illustrations, foam craft pieces, pipe cleaners) can all be re-used. If you are concerned whether an item is acid-free, spray it with a de-acidifying mist first.

8) Share it
Purchase items in bulk – brads, buttons, paper etc. and split the product and cost with a friend. (And it’s even better if you can make the purchase using a coupon.)

9) Swap It
Hold a Scrapbooking Swap with a group of friends. Everyone brings items they no longer use or like, and swaps them for items they think they can use. Leftovers can be donated to a scrapbooking charity. Hold a crop afterwards to use your new supplies.

10) Use It
Spend time (not money) going through your own collection of papers and embellishments and put together kits of solid and patterned paper and coordinating embellishments. I store my kits into XL plastic zipper storage bags and then shop my own stash when I am ready to create.

Hopefully these tips remind you that scrapbooking doesn’t have to be expensive. Harness your own creativity to come up with many more ways to keep costs low while enjoying the hobby you love and making fantastic pages!

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