Making Sketches Your Own

Scrapbooking page plans, sketches and templates offer lots of inspiration for your pages. But sometimes they aren’t eactly what you are looking for. You may want to alter them to:

  • suit the number of photos you are using
  • change the page size (say from 12 x 12 to 8.5 x 11 or vice versa)
  • add some variety to a plan you have already used

Of course you will have a different look and feel to a page just by using different papers and embellishments, but if you really want to change it up, here are five easy ways to change a plan to make it look different:


1) Copy or duplicate

Make a one page plan into a two page spread by copying it across onto a second page. Unify your elements on both pages- ie: use the same patterned papers,embellishments etc.


2) Rotate

Turn the original page plan 90 or 180 degrees,or even upside down to see if it would work for you.


3) Mirror it

Imagine looking at the plan in a mirror. You can change it up by flipping the elements to the opposite side form where they are now.


4) Interchange elements

If you are working with a 5 photo plan,don’t forget you can place journaling or embellishments in any of the spaces instead of photos. Or, just delete a space for photos and leave lots of restful white space instead.


5) Shrink or enlarge

If you love the look of a 12×12 plan but you are scrapping in an 8.5×11 album (or vice-versa), simply shrink (or enlarge) the elements to fit. They may not end up spaced exactly the same, but it should give you the same look and feel as the original.


Hope these tips help you personalize sketches. CHeck out our colelction of Page Plans for lots of starting points! 


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