Jamie's Scrap Space

Today we feature Jamie’s scrap space. I love the color of her room – it’s so cozy!

I have a small den area on my main floor, right off our kitchen. Since my space is visible from our front door, I always have to keep it tidy!

I have most of my paper in drawers and I try to keep them in their original packing so that I know where they came from! I have products all over my room, where ever I can fit them! I bought cute little jars from IKEA and store all my buttons, brads, eyelets (and anything else that will fit) in them and they sit on shelves in my room. I also have two Clip-It-Up systems tucked in a cabinet that house my embellishements and clear stamps. My photos are on a portable drive and I print them as I create.

I use my Copic Sketch markers, inks, and ribbons a lot and they are all accessible from my scrap desk (that was once a kitchen island on clearance!). My Copic markers are stored in my work cube, my ribbons are stored in my ribbon holder above my desk as well as a basket just below my desk and my inks are right below my desk as well!

I love the location of my room. It is right in the mix of our family; I am able to cook, listen to the kids play (both inside and out), and communicate with everyone! I would love a set of doors so I wouldn’t have to keep it so clean…and some extra room would be nice! :]

I think it’s pretty fabulous! Thanks for the tour Jamie!

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  1. I am completely jealous of your scraproom, first of all 🙂 What a fantastic space! I also love the way your store your acrylic stamps. I'm starting to have quite a collection, and I think I might have to copy your clip-it-up + acrylic sheet method!

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