MY Scrap Space!

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been sharing DT members scrap spaces, so I thought I would get in on the act and share my own space with you!

My space take up half of our very large basement rec room. It’s great because I have lots of space, it’s quite cozy for a basement and I can be scrapping while hubby and the kids watch TV or play games. It’s only downfall (as in most basements) is light. I do have one window, but it faces North, so is not the brightest. The overhead lights are OK, but not ideal, so I keep an Ott light handy for when I really need it. Having said that, I  am so thankful I have a dedicated space and I really enjoy it.

The table is a board room table from a company hubby used to do I.T. work for. It measures 3″ x 6″ so I can really spread out. Sometimes that’s NOT a great attribute as I tend to pile instead of file! The cabinets and bookcase behind my table are from the Home Depot’s storage department. I think they are sold as kitchen pantry cabinets, but they really hold lots of stuff. I had hubby anchor them into the wal so they are very sturdy. I like having closed storage, especially since this room is used by the whole family as well as guests when they are over watching movies or playing Wii on the big screen. It’s nice not to have everything out in the open.

In the first cabinet I keep photos and a lot of supplies that don’t get used that often – extra albums, papers and supplies for future SMS kits, and photos that still need to be sorted as well as those in cold storage.

The shorter bookcase in the middle is for magazines, books and my Library of Memories Photo Storage Albums.

The second cabinet houses my regularly used tools and supplies, including all my embellishments! I sort most embellishments by color and keep them in clear plastic shoeboxes. Flat embellies like stickers are stored in an accordian file by category/theme. I also have a lot of my tools stored here in plastic baskets with handles…easy to pull out and place on my table when I need them. Solid cardstock that I use for my own projects is stored (in color families) upright in Cropper Hoppers and regular sized magazine holders.

To the side of my table are four organizer cubes I bought at Michaels (with coupons of course!). These are great to house things I need at my fingertips. In future I hope to add more cubes and add a work surface on top.

The other made-for-scrappers storage I purchased from Michael’s is the Making Memories Tool Carousel which sits on top of my table. SO handy!!!! Under my scrap table I keep school of life file boxes (a great place to store kids memorabilia ready to be added into the school albums) and 2 12 x 12 sterilite drawer sets stacked on top of each other, which is where I store all my scraps by color. (Are you getting the idea that I think and work by color?!) Usually my scrap paper drawers are the first place I go to search for a little bit for a layout or card.

I floated my table with my back to the cabinets and facing the wall with the screen on it. It works well for me as I can sit and scrap, or get up and use both sides of the table for laying out different projects. On the other side of my table and against the wall I have an Expedit bookcase from IKEA laying on it’s side. It is the perfect height to place my Cricut, Cuttlebug and large format printer (which I LOVE!)

Above the shelves I mounted a strip of magnetic bars which I use to display favorite or new layouts on. It’s nice to see them for awhile before they get tucked into albums! The window is just above the display bar.

The cubes of the Expedit shelf house our family albums, and the boxes underneath do a great job of hiding my collection of papers. I also keep Cricut cartridges and Cuttlebug dies here so they are close at hand when I need to use them. It’s another great example of using pieces that kind of integrate into the room but serve a valuable storage function.

I have adopted many strategies (for storage and general scrapbooking philosophy) from the uber-fabulous Stacy Julian. Her Library of Memories system has liberated me from the chronological guilt I was suffering from and ideas like school of life have been invaluable in terms of organizing and staying sane while I enjoy my hobby. If you aren’t familiar with these, you can visit Stacy’s website, Big Picture Scrapbooking or read her books – “The Big Picture” and “Photo Freedom” – both of which live in my bookcase!

Anyway, I think that concludes my little tour. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got an idea or two! I know most of the ideas that work for me originally came from looking at other’s spaces! If you have some ideas to share, please leav us a comment or link to your blog post or photos…we’d love to see what your scrap space is like!

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