52 Creative Prompts for Scrapbookers

Since I have been re-inspired to scrapbook and work with Creative Memories, I decided that I want to help you be more inspired, too. So I am introducing a new feature to the blog – “52 Creative Prompts for Scrapbookers”!

As the name suggest, I’ll be posting some kind of creative prompt for you each and every week this year! That’s 52 creative ideas for you to use as jumping off points!
And although the title states that the prompts are for Scrapbookers, there will definitely be inspiration for projects other that just scrapbook pages. After all…we all have so much in the way of cool products that we can’t help but be inclined to use it for other things, right?
Prompts may include´╗┐ layouts or sketches for scrapbook pages; journaling prompts; a technique to try; a tool to use; a new product to drool over; a project by another scrapbooker; a theme or title to incorporate; a challenge to use certain products or photos; a design for a card or altered item, etc….you get the idea!
And I’ve created a new page to keep all 52 prompts nice and neatly organized for easy reference! Just click on the “52” tab above and you’ll find a list of all the prompts posted so far. Click on the title of the prompt and you’ll be taken to the original blog post for all the details!
I’d love to hear your ideas for prompts…or requests for prompts of a certain type! Feel free to email them to me anytime throughout the year. And if there is enough interest I will exlore creating a link party to each prompt so there will be even more inspiration to share! (OK…I’ll just take it one step at a time for now!)
So although it is already January 7th, the first prompt still sqeaks into the first week of the year! Here it is:
Put yourself on the page!
That’s right…to start off the new year, document where you are in your life, what you are doing, what you love, what you dream about. You can include photos, memorabilia, journaling…whatever tells the story of you right now!
I made this page about myself a couple of years ago (so, I guess it’s time to update and do another!) I created a simple list of all the things “I am” in my life. I added a couple of squares of patterned paper and just three simple paper flower embellishments. It took very little time to create, but it’s a priceless snapshot of where and “who” I was at that point in my life. Remember, if you don’t include yourself in your scrapbook pages, who will?
When was the last time YOU were in your scrapbook pages?
Have a great weekend!
Click HERE for a list of all 52 Creative Prompts

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