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“What’s your favorite color?”

It’s a question that gets asked a lot, probably because sometimes you can tell a lot about a person from their answer. Folks who love fiery reds, yellows and oranges often have warm personalities, and those who love blues and greens are thought to more introspective and reserved. Our color preferences show up in our homes in our paint, furniture and accessory choices, and in our closet in our clothing picks. We are drawn to certain colors and turned off by others.

As scrapbookers and papercrafters, we make very deliberate color choices – selecting papers and embellishments to match the colors in our photos and/or to create a certain moods on our pages. Paper designers know this and strive to stay on top of trends in the color world so the papers you can purchase at any given time will blend with the colors in the world around you!

I personally love blues and greens so it was no surprise that I was instantly in love with Creative Memories Reflections Power Palette and other products. Take a look:

Creative Memories researches upcoming trends and really works at offering products that will fit with our current lifestyles. Take a look at this video to see what I mean:
I was so inspired that I just ordered some of the Reflection line of products and I can’t wait to start creating with them, but for now here are a few great ideas from the CM Project Center:
I LOVE THIS LINE! Can’t wait to get it, play with it and share it with you!
As far as “Color Inspiration” goes, I’m planning on making it an ongoing feature on my blog to focus on a variety of beautiful color combinations. I’ve recently started a Pinterest account (which is highly addictive!) and I am loving exploring all the amazing images and creating little collections (called “boards”) of visually appealing objects. Today I created a board that focuses on these colors that I love – Blue, Green and Gray and that are so gorgeous together. Visit it here and you may find that you get addicted to Pinterest – and this color combo! – too!
So this begs the question…”What’s YOUR favorite color?”
Have a great day!

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