52: Scrap with Scraps

At my February Kit of the Month Club workshop last night I shared this cute n’ easy project with my club ladies. We used the scraps from the papers from the Nancy O’Dell “Love” pack to make a cute “quilted” heart, but you can re-purpose the idea using any scraps you have on hand and making any shape you like.

1) Cut a variety of scraps into strips and place them lengthwise on a piece of scrap cardstock. Make sure the edges are touching each other. Tip: Use liquid Precision Point adhesive or a glue stick so that the entire strip can be adhered to the backing. Let dry.

Next, trace a heart shape (or another shape you might prefer) over top of the strips with a pencil and cut it out with scissors.

Finally, add stitching details (like dashes, x’s and zig-zags) with a black pen over the seams where the strips of paper join to create a quilted look.

Use the finished heart embellishment on a card, or use it with other coordinating scraps on a layout.

Have fun scrapping with your scraps!

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