52: Pin It

Do you have a bulletin board in your office or craft room? I do and I love to pin up photos, scraps of paper, ideas to copy, techniques to try etc. Now I can do the same virtually with Pinterest! This online version of a pin board is not new…it’s been a round for a couple of years, but it’s growing in popularity as a way to visually organize and share the things you love online. I’ve been pinning for a couple of months and it’s definitely addictive!

Once you have a Pinterest account you can create different pin boards featuring different categories etc. When you are surfing online and see a picture you want to keep track of, you simply “pin it” to one of your boards using a handy little red “Pin It” button that you can install on your favorites bar. Then, everytime you click on the image on your board, it will take you back to the place you first found the image! You can also re-pin what others have already found and pinned…adding to your visual image base exponentially!

This is great for us scrapbookers and crafters, as we can go back to reference an instructions or details whenever we need to. I used to copy and paste images and links and save them into a word document to reference later, but Pinterest has made this process so much easier!

Now, you can Pin It and Win It! Creative Memories knows all about sharing and preserving images, so they think Pinterest is pretty great as well, and they are having their first ever Pinterst Contest! All you have to do is create a Pinterest account and pin 10 images featuring Creative Memories products – layouts, photos, techniques etc. and you can win! You can check out all the details of the contest here, and then go check out my CM Pin board here! It’s so much fun to create and surf throughout Pinterest to see what others are posting on their CM boards!

A quick note…it can take a while to get a Pinterest account, so it’s definitely faster to have a friend request and invite for you. Just email me if you want to create your own Pinterest account and I would be happy to request the invite for you so you can get pinning!

In the meantime, have fun surfing Pinterest…I know you will become as addicted as I am! And good luck…the contest runs until March 8th, so don’t delay!

Happy Pinning!

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