Summer Fun Jar

Last week I shared our Summer Family Bucket List. Along with the list, I figured I better come up with an idea to combat the “Mom, I’m bored!” complaints I inevitably hear from my two active boys! Again fueled by ideas from Pinterest, I created our own Summer Fun Jar with the leftover materials from the June Kit of the Month *.

It was simple to make – I used a leftover photo mat from the kit for the base and layered some scraps of black and yellow cardstock on top. I added a few of the leftover stickers and spelled out the title with some old mini-letters from my stash. I attached the whole thing to a jar I had purchased from the Dollar Store a while back for a different use.

Then I filled it with a plethora of summer boredom busters! For me, these activities had to be things the kids could do around the house independently (or with just a little help from me), and with minimal set-up/clean up on my part! Here are the ideas I used:

  • Read a book
  • Build a blanket and pillow fort
  • Draw on the driveway with sidewalk chalk
  • Make texture rubbings- of trees, rocks, etc.
  • Collect rocks and paint them
  • Lie on a blanket and look at clouds (and stars at night!)
  • Play in the sprinkler
  • Make a mini obstacle course in the back yard
  • Have a car wash or bike wash in the driveway
  • Fly a kite
  • Go on a nature walk in the yard with binoculars
  • Collect an press flowers or leaves between book pages
  • Look for and capture a bug in your bug container
  • Water fight! (hose, water guns or balloons!)
  • Bowling with water bottles in the backyard
  • Play Basketball in the driveway
  • Swing on the swings
  • Bubbles
  • Play Frisbee
  • Water the plants!
  • Pick the weeds!
  • Tidy up a drawer or shelf! (hey, who says you can’t get some help out of the deal?!)
  • Make a craft with things from the Art Box
  • Build a Lego tower
  • Build a Lego vehicle
  • Do a puzzle, maze or word search
  • Write a story or a comic strip
  • Play the piano
  • Play dressup from the costume box
  • Learn a new song to sing
  • Make a salad (and learn to chop vegetables safely!)
  • Bake cookies (good for rainy days)
  • Have a lemonade party
  • Make popsicles
  • Make paper airplanes
  • Write a poem
  • Write in your summer journal
  • Draw a picture in your summer journal

I formatted these ideas and printed them out onto some yellow cardstock. If it can be of help to you, you can download my Summer Fun Jar Ideas list here. Print it as is, or adapt it for your own use!

I’d love to hear some of your suggestions to add to the Summer Fun Jar – how do you keep your kids busy or entertained in the summer? Leave a comment below to share your ideas. Maybe I can add some more  to my own jar!

* The June Kit of the Month features the Cheerful Summer 12 x 12 Addition Pak, a sheet with instructions to create 2 12 x 12 layouts & 2 cards, and all the additional pieces you will need to complete the projects – all for $15.00. Its a great kit, and my KOTM ladies really enjoyed using these summery papers! You can purchase just the Cheerful Summer Additions pack on my CM website, or buy the entire kit by contacting me directly!

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